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The Journal

Read. Write. Edit. Every Day.

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Ages 8-18



Writing Frequency

Up to 80

Graded Drafts

Our Bootcamp Options

Our summer programming has begun! We only have seats left for Bootcamp 2. Sign up now!


Refund Policy: Students who withdraw before orientation will receive a full refund. Otherwise, Letterly offers refunds proportionate to the percentage of the program that the student completed. Please note that Letterly withholds 10% service fees for all refund transactions.

Read. Write. Edit. Every Day.

The only way to increase reading and written fluency is to read and write every day.

We aim to answer the following 3 questions:

  1. What should my child be reading on a daily basis?

  2. What should my child be writing on a daily basis?

  3. How will my child be receiving feedback on their written work?

Key Bootcamp Features

Course Duration: 4 or 8 weeks

Daily Reading & Writing Assignments (Mon-Fri)

  • 4-Week: 40 drafts*

  • 8-Week: 80 drafts*

1:1 Weekly 30-Min. Live Coaching Session

2 Rounds of Revision to Practice Editing

  • 4-Week: 40 drafts, revised twice each = 80 Drafts*

  • 8-Week: 80 drafts, revised twice each  = 160 Drafts*

Live Orientation & On-Demand Videos

Get Published & Share Your Work!

*When you submit assignments every single day, as per the program syllabus.

Proven Results From 1,000+ Students


Articles written by our students have been published in The Journal.


Nearly all of our writers had a positive experience with their editors.

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Students who wrote consistently improved half a full school level in only 2 months!

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Many students went on to win gold & silver keys at Scholastic Writing Awards.

Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

The Journal is unlike any other program I've done before because it gives me the unique opportunity to not only receive daily feedback, but also see my works published ... I'm glad I found this program, and I highly recommend it!

I recently won 5 Scholastic writing awards in the Midwest region from the creative writing pieces that I did during the summer journal writing sessions (2 gold keys, 1 silver, 2 honorable mentions)!

The Journal definitely set me on the path to fixing my study habits. Though I still find myself submitting near midnight, I haven't missed as many assignments as before. I would 100% recommend Letterly to people who want to both fix their study habits and improve their writing.

Reading and writing used to be something Kevin hated the most. After participating in The Journal, Kevin has gained so much confidence and grown to love writing. He said, ‘I’m not afraid of writing anymore!’ He asked to do The Journal again this summer. 

I really enjoyed the camp! The deadlines really helped with my laziness and gave me a sense of urgency...The articles are well-balanced and I love how we have different topics and articles to choose from. This camp helped me a lot with my vocabulary, flow and structures in writing.

I loved my time at The Journal! Even though the pacing is very rigorous, I enjoyed sitting down everyday to write! Thank you, Letterly, for helping me improve my writing skills in a fun and engaging way!

 The Journal makes you love reading and writing. Also, you get to learn new stuff and research. The Journal made me feel more comfortable with writing and reading.

I cannot believe it, but my phenomenal four weeks here as a staff writer for The Journal have elapsed within the blink of an eye. I still look back on my previous essays and see that I have made vast improvement... This camp has started a new, unforgettable chapter in my life. I have faith that the articles I have written will take me far. 

About Our Editors

Learning with Letterly means learning with our dedicated and experienced instructors. Credentialed by some of the top universities in the U.S., our team is unparalleled in its passion for individualized student success.

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Included in All Letterly Courses

Top Instruction

  • 1:1 sessions with students & alumni from top universities

  • Proprietary curriculum designed by ELA experts 

Progress Tracker

  • Visualize and track progress across ELA standards

  • Checkpoints highlighting areas of strength & weakness

Personalized Feedback

  • Multiple rounds of feedback for continuous learning and improvement

  • In-depth feedback on writing assignments

Student Support

  • On-demand technical support and troubleshooting

  • Access to Letterly advisors

Which Letterly class is right for you?

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