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Perfect your college applications within 3-6 weeks.

Live Seminar


Grades 11-12


1:1 Meetings


3-6 Weeks

Application Timeline

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Sprint2College with Letterly!

Rising juniors and current seniors are invited to elevate their college applications with our personalized bootcamps.

  1. Learn the key to a successful college application at our live seminar

  2. Receive multiple rounds of edits on your personal statement

  3. Attend 1:1 meetings with an instructor from a top U.S. university

Our Bootcamp Options

Enroll into one of our four bootcamp options for Summer 2024! Click below to enroll!

Option #1: Personal Statement

Prepare the Ultimate Personal Statement 

  • 3 Rounds of Revision and Feedback

Course Duration: 3 weeks

Two 1:1 30-Min. Live Coaching Sessions

One 60-Min. Live Seminar

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Option #2: Personal Statement + Supplemental Essay + Activity List

Prepare Your Entire Written Application

  • 3 Rounds of Revision and Feedback

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Two 1:1 30-Min. Live Coaching Sessions

Two 90-Min. Live Seminars

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Founded by a team of Harvard alumni at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, we know the system because we have been through it.

Our students have followed in our steps and found success at several top U.S. universities. Below is a sampling of the colleges students have been accepted to since our inception.


Accepted: 7


Accepted: 3


Accepted: 10


Accepted: 2


Accepted: 3


Accepted: 2


Accepted: 7


Accepted: 5

Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

My editor gave extremely specific and constructive feedback, which was very helpful. He didn’t hesitate to give a lot of it, and I think his openness to honestly point out how he feels about the essay makes it very helpful in using the feedback to revise my college essay.

My Sprint2College editor really addressed points of my essay I was worried about and it was very reassuring to hear. Her positive feedback was specific and helped me hone in on details I already did well on.

Sprint2College was the best! My editor gave me thorough feedback about everything and found a way to improve my essay where nobody else would. Made all the difference.

My editor's comments helped me think and reflect about what I'm writing which helped me decide what to omit and elaborate on. She also helped me narrow down the focus of my essay.

My editor not only pointed out places in my essay that required revision, but she also posed helpful introspective questions to push me towards developing sections of my essay that had potential. She was also very kind and sincere with her complements, which I appreciated a lot.

My editor was very knowledgeable in the art of crafting an essay and how to use it to express as much about yourself as possible.

I would recommend Sprint2College to any rising seniors. The program provided me with a lot of encouragement and support that helped motivate me write my essay.

I really liked the structural feedback my editor provided back to me. He also communicated with me and guided me in the direction I wanted my essay to flow.

Included in All Letterly Courses

Top Instruction

  • 1:1 sessions with students & alumni from top universities

  • Proprietary curriculum designed by ELA experts 

Progress Tracker

  • Visualize and track progress across ELA standards

  • Checkpoints highlighting areas of strength & weakness

Personalized Feedback

  • Multiple rounds of feedback for continuous learning and improvement

  • In-depth feedback on writing assignments

Student Support

  • On-demand technical support and troubleshooting

  • Access to Letterly advisors

About Our Editors

Learning with Letterly means learning with our dedicated and experienced instructors. Credentialed by some of the top universities in the U.S., our team is unparalleled in its passion for individualized student success.

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