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Choose between 1:1 TUTORING and BOOTCAMPS.

In both tracks, your child has access to:

  • Consistent personalized feedback

  • Passionate instructors from top universities

  • Quick turnaround time

  • Flexible solutions and quality content

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Your 1:1 Private Tutor

Start Anytime, Anywhere.

Partner up with one of our top-notch instructors in tutoring sessions to level up your literacy skills. We work at your pace, which means you have total control over your learning goals.

We have tutoring available in the following subjects:

  • ELA (Elementary, Middle, High)

  • Grammar

  • Writing Competitions

  • English Language Learner

  • Your School Work

Our Bootcamps

These Bootcamps have set dates each semester, so keep an eye out for registration!


The Journal


  1. Get matched with your private writing coach and get multiple rounds of feedback each day.

  2. Write across diverse genres such as News, OpEd, Sports & Arts, Science & Tech, and Creative Writing.

  3. Have your work published in our online magazine!



  1. Give college applications your best shot with the 1:1 support of a graduate from a top U.S. university.

  2. Engage in writing lessons to ensure your readiness for college-level writing.

  3. Meet with your coach for private feedback sessions to get your essay ready for submission.


Included in All Letterly Courses

Top Instruction

  • 1:1 sessions with students & alumni from top universities

  • Proprietary curriculum designed by ELA experts 

Progress Tracker

  • Visualize and track progress across ELA standards

  • Checkpoints highlighting areas of strength & weakness

Personalized Feedback

  • Multiple rounds of feedback for continuous learning and improvement

  • In-depth feedback on writing assignments

Student Support

  • On-demand technical support and troubleshooting

  • Access to Letterly advisors

Which Letterly class is right for you?

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