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Advanced Survey of Great Shorts

Dive into an advanced survey of classic short stories, including "Most Dangerous Game," "The Little Mermaid," and "Tell-Tale Heart." Develop your persuasive techniques by writing a Book Review, and put your own imagination to work in the fictional final project.


1:1 Private


Ages 11-14



Live Sessions

Up to 16

Graded Assignments

About the Course

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/ month

4 sessions per month x $72.25 per session

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Schedule & Assignments

Our private tutoring sessions are 45 minutes long and are scheduled based on your weekly availability. You will be paired with the same tutor for the duration of your course.

Course Duration: 4-6 months

Weekly Reading & Writing Assignments

45-Min. Live Session & ~1 Hour of Homework

Access to On-Demand Videos

About Our Instructors

Learning with Letterly means learning with our dedicated and experienced instructors. Credentialed by some of the top universities in the U.S., our team is unparalleled in its passion for individualized student success.

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Course Syllabus

Annotated Reading

Read and analyze the central ideas and key themes of advanced short stories, like “The Little Mermaid,” “Most Dangerous Game,” and “Tell-Tale Heart.” Acquire new vocabulary using context clues and apply your knowledge of new note-taking techniques.

Applied Grammar

Investigate how to make sentences pop using various combinations of clauses and phrases. Develop an understanding of noun, adjective, and verb phrases.

Building Paragraphs

Use cohesive paragraph structures and smooth transitions between narrative sections to unlock expository writing. Develop an understanding of context and subtext. Integrate persuasive techniques to make a compelling argument.

Final Project

Write a short story of your own; build upon character motivations, conflicts, and deeper meaning. Strengthen your narrative technique with dialogue and the principle of “show, don’t tell,” and revise your story with an editing exercise.

What Are Our Lessons Like?

We offer on-demand videos to supplement your 1:1 sessions! You may need to refer to them for homework or to refresh your notes. Here are a couple of video clips from the curriculum for you to check out!

Having just finished up my freshman year, I am delighted to announce that English II was a breeze thanks to you. After taking all the different levels of Letterly, I gained the confidence to take the exam to skip a grade in English the very same year I took your classes. 

In school, I just read a passage and answer multiple choices ... at Letterly, we do more reading, annotating, and writing. We learn how to make it stronger using conjunctions, clauses, and more. We then learn how to use these methods in our writing.

Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

What's in Your Letterly Class?

Top Instruction

  • 1:1 instruction with students & alumni from top universities

  • Access to on-demand supplemental instruction for selected courses

  • Proprietary curriculum designed by ELA experts based on classic literature

Progress Tracker

  • Visualize and track progress across ELA standards

  • Checkpoints highlighting areas of strength & weakness

  • Certificates of completion

Personalized Feedback

  • Weekly writing assignments with in-depth feedback 

  • Applied grammar & editing exercises
  • Final project with step-by-step instruction

Student Support

  • On-demand technical support and troubleshooting

  • Access to Letterly advisors

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