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The Journal:
Ding Yi Partnership

Read. Write. Edit. Get published!

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Ages 11-18


3 Weekly

Writing Assignments

2 Rounds

of Personalized Edits

8 Private

40-min Lessons

We believe in the power of personalized learning


Students Served in 4 Years


States and 7 Countries


Students' Articles Published


Families Enrolled in Multiple Classes

Course Syllabus

PRE-PROGRAM Orientation: Learn How to Read & Write Like a True Journalist

Lesson 1: Identifying the Main Idea & Supporting Details of a Text

Lesson 2: Writing a Main Idea Summary

Lesson 3: Tracing an Author's Main Claim & Identifying the POV

Lesson 4: Building Arguments, Developing Strong Thesis Statement

Lesson 5: Deep Dive into the Principles of Good Writing & Grammar

Lesson 6: Argumentative Writing, Persuasive Rhetoric

Lesson 7: Identifying Figurative Language

Lesson 8: Developing a Unique Writer's Voice

Each week, your edited assignments will be considered for publication!

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